Betting on eSports is simple because, in reality, the practice is similar to traditional sports betting. You have various eSports events such as national championships and world championships. To these different competitions correspond several types of bets, and to these types of bets correspond odds.

Betting on eSports is done by betting money on a type of bet whose odds determine the winnings. The bettor wins if the chance is fair and meets the condition required by the stake.

In the world of eSports, we often encounter various types of bets:

  • The simple bet: here, it is enough to bet on the victory of one team or another.
  • Combined bet: in this case, the bettor combines several events and multiplies several odds between them. The bet will win if all events are correct. Although they are challenging to win due to the high risk, combination bets still generate more winnings than single bets.
  • Live betting: Esports allows you to bet live, i.e., during the matches. However, you should know that the odds evolve and change as the game progresses.

Finally, Betfinal also offers special bets, very much focused on what makes eSports unique: the number of “kills” on FPS or battle games or handicap bets when the match appears unequal. Betfinal shows a lot of imagination to innovate in this sector in perpetual change.