We recommend responsible games as we want players to enjoy playing with Betfinal. We are working to create a reliable gaming environment for you while helping to ensure that your betting experience is entertaining and safe. If you find that your betting is becoming a financial burden, please let us know. Our responsible gaming policy ensures that no minors are playing our games. Our software is always fair, regardless of the game. If you feel that gambling is adversely negatively affecting your life, you can choose to stop playing.

Do you have a problem with gambling?

If you think you have a problem with your game, ask yourself the following questions: Have others criticized your game? Have you ever lied to hide how much money or time you gambled? Arguments, frustrations, or disappointments make you want to play? Do you play alone for long periods? Do you stay away from work, college, or school to play? Do you gamble to escape a boring or unhappy life? Do you mind spending your gambling money on anything else? Have you lost interest in your family, friends, or hobbies because of gambling? After losing, do you think you should try to recover your loss as soon as possible? When you gamble and run out of money, do you feel lost and desperate and need to gamble again ASAP? Do you play until your last euro is gone? Have you ever lied, stolen, or borrowed for the sole purpose of a gambling debt? Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling? If you answered “yes” to all or some of these questions, you are more likely to have a gambling problem and want to seek help and advice through the channels described above.

Getting Assistance

Many organizations can assist and help people with gambling problems, and we recommend that players contact a self-help organization for further assistance. The following websites offer tips and advice. Each number contains a helpline number and an email address that you can contact for confidential advice and support:




Protection of Minors

We recommend installing third-party applications or software that block minors’ access to websites to protect them. Use these applications to monitor or restrict underage family members’ access to restricted content on the Internet. Including:

Net Nanny filtering software protects your children from inappropriate web content. www.netnanny.com

Cybersitter filtering software allows parents to add and block their websites: www.cybersitter.com.

Gameban is software designed to block access to gaming websites and applications.https://gamban.com/